Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Brazil Sneak Peak

Survivor Brazil Jalapao TribeSurvivor Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands is the latest season of one of the most popular reality television shows of all time. Now on its 18th season, Survivor Tocantins will be located in the heartland of Brazil in the state of Tocantins. The site for Survivor is a sandy oasis set in the middle of a mountainous region in the boundary between the Amazon rainforest and the coastal savanna. It is crossed by rivers and streams and contains an abundance of wildlife.

Survivor Tocantins with have an interesting cast of contenders, including people from a variety of regions and walks of life. From a handful of models, to a millionaire, to a bus driver, the contestants are sure to blend and clash in what should be very entertaining television.

The first episode of the season will begin with an unusual twist. The contestants will be split into two tribes, the red JalapĆ£o tribe and the blue Timbira tribe. The tribes will be asked to journey approximately four hours to get to their individual camps. However, prior to leaving on this trek, the tribes will be asked to vote off on ofSurvivor Brazil Timbira Tribe the members of the tribe… or so they think. In fact, the members who are voted off of the tribe will be taken via helicopter directly to the camp. So the members who are voted off of the tribe will actually get a four hour head start on the rest of their tribe.

At their camp, the two tribe members who are voted out will have a major decision to make. They will find a number of supplies at the camp to star building a shelter, along with the first clue to the hidden immunity idol. The decision will be structured in a way where the contestants will only have enough time to choose one of the two options. They either make an attempt at the hidden immunity idol and try and increase their chances at staying in the game, or they work hard at the camp and try to win back the teammates who just voted them out. This twist should create some very interesting scenarios right off of the bat in a time where Survivor is usually taking some time to settle in. It sounds like a positive move from the producers of Survivor Tocantins.

Survivor Tocantins Jalapao TribeThis season will have another interesting twist centered on Exile Island. This year, Exile Island will be a desolate sand dune in the middle of nowhere. As per usual, the winning tribe in competitions will be able to choose one member of the losing tribe to head to Exile Island. Yet this year, the person chosen on the losing team will then be able to select one person from the winning team to join them at Exile Island. When the two members arrive at Exile, they will find two eggs. They will have to decide between the two of them who gets which egg. One of the eggs will be empty, while the other will have a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. This is when they will find out that the idol is hidden somewhere back at their camp.

Survivor was not quite done with the Exile Island twists. Another twist in the game is that the two people who are sent to Exile will have the option of returning to their original camp, or they can mutiny and go to the other tribe. So the people sent to Exile wSurvivor Tocantins Timbira Tribeill have additional power and benefits compared to prior seasons. Suddenly the choice of who to send to Exile has some very intriguing undertones.

Survivor Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands premiers Thursday, February 12th. From the sound of things, this should be one of the best seasons of Survivor yet.

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