Thursday, February 12, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Episode 1 Recap

So begins another season of Survivor. Throughout the season I will recap episodes of Survivor Tocantins and will provide some commentary, images and videos when I can get my hands on them. Right now I am just taking images of my TV, which is pretty ghetto, but I'll figure something out better soon. Anyways, here is the recap for episode 1 of Survivor Tocantins.

The first episode begins with the two tribes riding into the Brazilian Highlands in the back of a truck. Both teams had already been created, with the red Jalapao tribe and the black Timbira tribe. The trucks come to a stop in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. It appears that was because it is. They are smack in the middle of the Brazilian Highlands. Jeff then informs the tribes that they have 60 seconds to grab as many supplies as they can out of the back of the truck. Both tribes scramble to get everything they can out of the truck and by the end of the 60 seconds the truck is stripped clean. However when Jeff gets a look at what the tribes took, he notices that Jalapao grabbed no water and no bags of food. Instead they have a bunch of heavy watermelons and what looks like huge squash. Soon they will be regretting their choices.

The tribe members are then informed that they will be going on a four hour trek to get to their camps. At that time, the temperature is already at 110 degrees and it is expected to get hotter throughout the day. Suddenly the tribes realize they have to haul the heavy supplies all the way back to camp. Those watermelons and overgrown squash look pretty silly all of a sudden.

At this point, the first twist of the game begins. Jeff informs the tribes that it is time for a vote. The tribes have to vote for two of the tribe members, one member on each tribe. Jeff leads them to believe that they are actually voting these members out of the game. From the Jalapao tribe, most of the tribe members vote for Sandy, the older woman in the game. Sandy's reaction is to get pissed off and let everyone know it.

From the Timbira tribe, most of the members vote for Sierra, the young blond model. Apparently Sierra has strep throat and has been on antibiotics. With a temperature of 102, let's say that she is not feeling all that well. Yet she takes being voted out fairly well, yet is obviously upset.

That is when Jeff lets the tribes know that he did not say they were being voted out, simply that they would not be making the trek to the camp. Instead, the two outcasts are to be helicoptered directly to their respective camps. So as the tribes begin their trek, Sandy and Sierra hop int a helicopter and arrive at their camps a few hours ahead of time.

Once they reach camp, the find a clue that informs them that they have a choice to either spend the time working around camp and on their shelter, or they can use to the time to follow a clue for the hidden immunity idol. Sandy decides to go for the hidden immunity idol, though it is quickly apparent that she is somewhat lacking in brain power and it highly unlikely to solve the simple riddle. She certainly does not find the idol on her first attempt. When the Jalapao tribe finally makes it to camp, they are pissed off because Sandy did nothing around the camp or on the shelter.

Sierra also receives a clue, but instead of looking for the idol, she decides to work around camp and build a shelter. Considering she is sick and was just voted "off" of the tribe, this is a pretty gutsy decision on her part. So she starts gathering wood and actually completes a fair sized shelter by the time the tribe makes it to camp, well after dark. The tribe seems to be fairly pleased by her efforts, though Sierra quickly starts trying to make excuses and the tribe does not seem to respond well to it. So her efforts may have helped, but she is still on thin ice.

After a little character introduction and some naked Tyson video, the contestants head out for their first immunity challenge. The reward for victory, as usual, is flint to make fire. The basics of the challenge is that 6 of the tribes people race over some sand hills and into the water where they find wooden puzzle piece planks connected to a raft. Once all of the members make it to the raft, they pull the raft back to the shore, unwrap the pieces, and carry them back to a platform where two of the members are waiting. The two members have to them build a series of steps using the planks to climb the platform. The planks have various numbers of notches on them, so can only be attached to the platform in a certain way. At the top of the platform is another puzzle. It is a maze where two members have to use a piece of rope to move a wooden piece through a fairly complex maze. When they reach the end of the maze, their tribal flag goes up and they win.

The challenge starts fairly even, with both teams getting to the raft at about the same time and dragging the raft back close together. Carolina seems to be the slowest out of all of the members participating in this part of the challenge, as she is lagging behind in all parts. However the red Jalapao tribe is still able to get ahead and take a sizable lead building their platform. They reach the top and begin on the maze while the black Timbira tribe is still working on the platform. However Jalapao has major problems with the maze and Timbira comes roaring back to win the challenge.

So Timbira gets fire and Jalapao gets a date with tribal council. At this point, it seems likely that Sandy would get voted out. Yet once they get back to camp, Carolina starts nagging some of the tribe and a number of members start whispering in the background that maybe Sandy is not so bad (even though she is absolutely insane). Yet it seems like the tribe is undecided at that time.

Jeff meets the tribe at the very first tribal council. From the discussion at the council, it certainly seems as though Sandy is getting booted out, as members express disappointment at her prior actions and lack of help at camp. Throughout the council, Sandy makes a continuous barrage of strange faces. Her face contorts in the weirdest manner, making me quite sure that she is quite literally crazy! Jeff, in a very humorous moment, asks her "Sandy, are you a little bit crazy" and she agrees and makes some more horrible faces for the camera. It is funny stuff, but a bit unsettling.

Jeff also talks to Carolina, who admits that she was a little bossy and whiny and states that she needs to check herself to stop from making these comments. After this, the voting begins. The very first vote is for Sandy, however it is Carolina's vote. From there on out, every single vote is for Carolina. Unanimously, Carolina Eastwood is the first person voted out of Survivor Tocantins.

And so goes the first episode of Survivor Tocantins!

Here is a video of Carolina and her thoughts on what happened in this episode:

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