Friday, January 30, 2009

Sierra Reed - Survivor Spotlight

Sierra Reed is the latest Survivor Tocantins contestant to go under our spotlight. Like a number of the ladies on Survivor this year, Sierra is a fashion model. Searching around the web has turned up a number of sexy images of Sierra Reed:

Sierra Reed PictureSierra Reed Topless Picture
Sierra Reed image
Sierra Reed photo
Plus a larger version of the Survivor bikini picture!

Sierra Reed Bikini photo
There is also the prerequisite introduction Sierra Reed video:

Plus a little more personal details on Sierra:

Sierra Reed wants to make it clear right off the bat that she has the ability to find her place in any situation, anywhere in the world, through her perseverance and strength. Despite the fact that she is strong-willed and determined, she is one who will wear her heart on her sleeve. Not intimidated by age, ("I'm 25 and if you're 45 that's great, but if we have differences, I'm going to let you know"), Reed will speak her mind, yet she does it with purpose and passion. She hopes that her tenacity will balance out her "strong nature."

Sierra claims she isn't a "very stereotypical model," because she doesn't do it for the notoriety; she does it because modeling can help facilitate new experiences and allows for travel to amazing locations which is something she enjoys tremendously.

Her modeling background has helped to shape her strategy for the game. Forced to deal with a variety of personalities all competing for the same goal is nothing new to her, having lived with five catty models vying for one spot. This experience will be to her advantage when forming alliances and making her way through the twists of the game.

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