Thursday, January 29, 2009

Candace Smith - Survivor Spotlight

Candance Smith is one of the most stunning contenders ever on Survivor. There are quite a few beauties this season and we will take a closer look at all of them. First, let's take a closer look at Candance Smith, a current model, actress and former Miss USA Ohio. First, the interview video from CBS:

Next, I found a handful of great Candance Smith images from her website

Candace Smith Lingerie Image

Candace Smith Topless Picture

Candace Smith Bikini Picture

Candace Smith Topless ImagePretty incredible images, Candace! Want to learn more about this talented, beautiful woman? Here is some more info on one of our favorite new Survivor ladies.

Candace prides herself in having both book and street smarts. Growing up in the inner city of Dayton, Ohio, Candace worked hard to receive a full academic scholarship to the University of Dayton. She went on to graduate from Northwestern University School of Law and began working as a commercial real estate attorney. After becoming Miss Ohio USA, she decided to move to L.A. to pursue other aspirations, including modeling, acting and opening her own consulting firm.

While friends describe her as resilient, funny and overall positive, she admits she is brutally honest by nature and can come across as a bitch, which may cause her problems with her tribe. Although she knows how to negotiate and be diplomatic, she has a difficult time socializing with phony people. To win this game, she knows she'll have to be able to bite her tongue because she knows what's at risk. A victory would help provide the children in her family with funds for education and she hopes that a strong mix of athleticism and work ethic will take her to the end.

Although Candace no longer practices law, she still utilizes her legal skills in everyday life. As an attorney, she mastered the skills of mental combat and knows how to create a strong bargaining position, which will certainly come in handy on SURVIVOR. Candace has also learned how to relate to many different types of people from traveling all over the world, including England, Spain and Cuba. Aside from traveling, she also enjoys running, cooking and writing. She is currently working on a book of her memoirs.

Still want more Candace Smith, well then check out this video!

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