Friday, March 13, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Episode 5 Recap

Survivor Jalapao TribeSo Spencer is gay? Did I somehow miss that all season? Or did he just start talking about it on this episode? It makes sense now that I know, but it definitely was not that obvious. I know, not all gay men act out their sexuality in an obvious manner, but many of them do. I am not hating on anyone or their sexual preference. In fact, I have more than one gay friend and do not have an issue with it.

With the fact that Spencer is gay in mind, it suddenly makes sense that he might not fit in perfectly well with the rest of guys on the tribe. Especially with personalities like JT. So when he sucked on the immunity challenge big time and Jalapao lost, it was not surprise that he would be considered to be voted off of Survivor Brazil.

The other person who put themselves right in the middle of consideration for being voted off of Jalapao was Taj. Taj has a really good thing going with her secret alliance with Brendan, Stephen and Sierra. So why did she decide out of nowhere to start yelling and screaming at her tribe members after the immunity challenge? From all appearances it was totally unprovoked and unnecessary. It just seemed like a stupid move from a woman with a nasty attitude.Survivor Taj and Sydney

However with the likely support from Stephen and JT's desire to get Spencer out of the game, Taj's outburst was not quite enough to get her voted off of the tribe. In the end it was Spencer who was unanimously voted off of Survivor Tocantins.

So it appears as though we have a very interesting remainder of the season coming. Most of the big personalities and still left in the game, as are most of the better players. With the secret alliance, the upcoming merge and some new twists and turns from the producers of Survivor, the rest of the season it looking good!

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