Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sierra Reed - Survivor Spotlight

After the very first episode, who would have thought that Sierra Reed would still be around Survivor Brazil heading into the fifth episode? From the very beginning when Sierra was voted "off" of the tribe and flown by helicopter to camp, it seemed like she was going to be the very first to go. However here we are and Sierra Reed is surviving! So I would like to dedicate this post to Sierra and her toughness in surviving the game to this point. I hope that she continues on for many weeks ahead! What better way to dedicate this post than to take a peek at some pictures of Sierra Reed the model?

Warning to anyone under 18! While these are not exactly Sierra Reed nude pictures or Sierra Reed naked pictures, they do show a bit more skin than I would rate as PG. Sierra Reed is a model and models do go topless sometimes, right? So it is only natural!

Sierra Reed naked picture
Sierra Reed topless picture
Sierra Reed nude photo
Sierra Reed Bra Picture
Sierra Reed Bikini Photo

So I guess that you can't really blame Coach for hitting on her, right?

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